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How To Use Mining Hoist Winch

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Mining Hoist Winch has an innovative feature that can operate up to -20°C (-4°F) in demanding work environments. The powerful Mining Hoist Winch is faster, lighter, safer and more resistant to corrosion than previous models.

The Mining Hoist Winch motor and reducer are respectively connected to the two sides of the drum, which makes the winch small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, simple in operation, convenient in maintenance, and can realize stepless speed regulation within a certain range. The braking of the Mining Hoist Winch is passed. The brake is realized by the motor brake. Manual operation is possible without compressed air.

How To Use Mining Hoist Winch

First, the pneumatic motor is first, and then the transmission gear starts to run. Before starting, the brake band on the reel should be braked first, and the brake lever on the large gear should be released, so that the reel does not rotate, only the large internal gear rotates.

Secondly, if you want to start the reel, you must loosen the brake band on the reel and then brake the brake band on the large internal gear. At this time, the reel is rotated and wound around the wire rope to work.

Then, during the work of Mining Hoist Winch, if you want to stop the operation of the Mining Hoist Winch, you can loosen the brake band of the large internal gear and then brake the brake band on the reel.

Finally, when the electric vehicle is started, the two brakes cannot be braked at the same time, otherwise the motor may be burnt. Mining Hoist Winch's reel brakes and bearings must not exceed 70 ° C. If the temperature rises drastically, it must be stopped immediately.

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