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Precautions of Mining Hoist Winch

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1. The driver of Mining Hoist Winch is operated behind the rope guard. It is strictly forbidden to operate on the side of the winch or in front of the drum (on the side of the rope).

2. When the vehicle is lowered, the Mining Hoist Winch should cooperate with the hooking machine, and it is not allowed to leave the remaining rope, so as to avoid the car from overturning the slope point and suddenly accelerate the damage of the wire rope.

3. When Mining Hoist Winch lifts the vehicle, the car goes uphill and the driver should stop in time according to the signal command. It is forbidden to over-roll or stop parking.

4. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle is strictly forbidden to park on the slope of the roadway; when the vehicle stays in the inclined lane due to accident or other reasons, the driver of Mining Hoist Winch should brake the brake, pay attention to the signal, and it is strictly forbidden to leave the post.

5. When Mining Hoist Winch handles the vehicle's derailment, it is forbidden to pull the hard raft with the winch.

Precautions of Mining Hoist Winch

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