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Scraper Winch Traction Function

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The use of the mining Scraper Winch is now very high on the market, so the demand for the Scraper Winch rope is very high. The mining Scraper Winch adjustment rope has good traction to ensure that the Scraper Winch does not accidents during work, effectively ensuring the efficiency of the Scraper Winch. Scraper Winch can be successfully used by using Scraper Winch's Scraper Winch.

In order to avoid occasional out-of-rail parking due to mine trajectory, hydraulic brakes and manual brakes are required for mechanical braking. In order to avoid the control of the rolling car, the externally mounted DC brake applies a direct current to the motor, and the motor is instantaneously decelerated due to the braking action of the hydraulic brake, thereby avoiding rolling.

Turn the rope switch to the rope position. The operation related to the action of the solenoid valve intercepts the oil inlet of the disc brake of the two rollers, opens the oil inlet of the clutch, disengages the clutch under the action of the pressure oil, releases the signal after the clutch is disengaged, and opens the relevant The solenoid valve is actuated to open the oil inlet of the fixed drum brake, so that the fixed drum is in a relaxed state.

Operate the main controller handle and the operating brake handle to adjust the rope. After the clutch is reset, a reset signal will be issued and the Scraper Winch will resume normal operation. After adjusting the rope, place the clutch change switch in the reset position and the associated solenoid valve will work.

The oil inlet of the clutch is blocked, the oil flows back from the other oil return port to the fuel tank, and the clutch is reset by the return spring. If the gears are misaligned during reset, the machine can be moved in the forward and reverse directions to reset the gear spurs.

In the entire operation of the Scraper Winch, there are two cases in which the energy of the reaction is relatively large: in one case, when the weight is reduced, the motor is in a generating state, and a regenerative energy reaction occurs; another condition is that occurs when the brake is stopped. Regeneration energy reaction. . For these two conditions, when selecting the brake unit and the braking resistor, we select the braking unit with a larger braking current and select the high-power braking resistor with the appropriate resistance.

Scraper Winch Traction Function

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