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Double Drum Hoist Winch Safety Maintenance

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Double Drum Hoist Winch is mainly used in minerals. The mining industry is a dangerous industry and safety issues are particularly important. Double Drum Hoist Winch is checked from the details and cannot be ignored. The quality of mining equipment affects the safety and productivity of workers' lives and property. In particular, cranes have high requirements for safety and reliability. Due to its high reliability, the operation of the lifting container can be performed quickly and accurately as needed. The ground reaches the designated location to ensure efficient and long-term operation of the mine hoist system. Double Drum Hoist Winch Overview Double Drum Hoist Winch is an important equipment in the production process of coal mines. It is necessary to develop detailed, specific and professional management regulations to ensure the effective and safe operation of the equipment. Establish a responsibility system to ensure the improvement of the mine. The machine will not slack during work.

Every day, we have to check and keep the equipment intact. We will archive the results of the inspections every day and set up special personnel to check them regularly. Make sure the check is correct and does not match. Check the different operating positions and check the corresponding operating parts to ensure the reliability of the inspection professional.

More than one hour of inspection and maintenance time is guaranteed every day, and the problems that have been checked are resolved in a timely manner. If it cannot be resolved or the solution is incomplete, stop it now.

The balance wheel and Double Drum Hoist Winch must be inspected within two years. Cranes should be certified for technical certification every two years. The wire rope is strictly replaced as required. Ensure that the motor is cleaned and tested once a year. Check the operation switch once a year. The lubricant of the main equipment must be replaced regularly.

In addition to routine maintenance and repairs, Double Drum Hoist Winch also requires regular inspections. The inspection work of the hoist is divided into daily inspection, weekly inspection and monthly inspection. The specific content of the inspection shall be determined according to the structural characteristics, performance, working conditions and maintenance experience of each crane.

Good maintenance can greatly improve the safety of the Double Drum Hoist Winch, reducing maintenance and extending service life.

Double Drum Hoist Winch Safety Maintenance

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