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The disassembly sequence and installation of the underground mining scraper winch

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The disassembly sequence and installation of the underground mining scraper winch are reversed. First, it must be broken down into components, and then the components will be disassembled. When disassembling, the protective cover must be removed first, and then the wire rope reel equipment, motor and the base must be connected to the ground. Loosen the foot bolts, remove the two parts, and then remove the reducer from the base;

The disassembly of the reducer is to first remove the parts of the transmission equipment on the upper shell. The mining hoist winch manufacturer introduces the upper shell and then removes the upper shell. Then, the shaft sleeve, feather key shaft, rotating shaft, and river crossing shaft sleeve are removed. Remove the parts, and finally remove all the parts;

When disassembling various parts of the mining hoist winch, pay attention to the total number and thickness of the adjustment washers in each position, so as to ensure the original installation precision of the mining hoist winch when reassembling. Note that the adjustment washers of the gear shaft pair cannot be adjusted at will;

During the whole process of dismantling the mining scraper winch, it is forbidden to hit hard and smash it. Be careful not to damage the parts or knock the surface of the parts.

Mining winches shall have plans to allocate minor repairs, intermediate repairs, and maintenance plans according to specific conditions. The maintenance cycle time, repair content, and repair sites of the mine winch price shall be based on the relevant chapters in the article "Coal Industry Design Code" formulated by the Ministry of Coal. Make the following requirements:

a minor repair: minor repair cycle time is 3 months, generally carried out on site, the key adjustment is to replace the galvanized steel wire rope and tighten the coupling, and remove common faults, fill or replace the grease, remove the dust on the surface of the mine winch, etc.;

b. Intermediate repair: The period of intermediate repair is generally 9 months. Intermediate repairs are usually carried out in scraper winch factories, mainly dismantling all scraper winch.

Disassembly And Maintenance Of Mine Winches

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