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Leaders Of Alibaba International Business Department Visit China Coal Group To Discuss Cooperation

Date: 2022-08-02     Tag:  China Coal News Discuss Cooperation     Tag:  Browsing volume:467

On July 27, Wang Hanmo, head of the machinery industry of the Merchant Operations Department of Alibaba International Business Department, and Kan Weiwei, a cross-border e-commerce service consultant of the China Supplier Department of Alibaba International Business Department, visit China Coal Group to discuss the operation of the machinery industry of Alibaba International Station Cooperation, Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Information Technology of China Coal Group and General Manager of China Transport Group, Su Yan, Deputy General Manager of Group Information Technology and General Manager of Kuco Big Data Company, Zhang Xing, General Manager of Group Cross-border E-commerce Company and Deputy General Manager of China Transport Group , Wei Ran, General Manager of the Group Information Company, Sun Youqiang, Deputy General Manager, and Liu Ruirui, Manager of The Foreign Trade Information Company, accompany the reception.

Accompanied by President Li, the visiting leaders visited the group's intelligent manufacturing achievement exhibition hall, cross-border e-commerce companies, e-commerce companies, network information companies, software technology companies, etc., and highly appreciated our group's efforts in cross-border e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce. Development of comprehensive service platform construction, cross-border e-commerce talent training, software research and development, etc.

At the symposium, Mr. Li first extend a warm welcome to the leaders of Alibaba's international business department. He points out that the core markets of the machinery industry are concentrated in the United States, India, Russia, and Canada on the Alibaba International Station platform. This coincides with the international brand strategy of our group. As a member company of the United Nations Global Compact; the Ministry of Commerce, the Provincial Department of Commerce, and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce are key support enterprises, key enterprises in cross-border e-commerce in Shandong Province, and cross-border enterprises in Jining City. The chairman unit of the E-commerce Association, China Coal Group has been committed to exploring the blue ocean market of the overseas machinery industry, keeping up with the international development and changes, seeking innovation and change. It has successively registered the "China Coal" trademark in 38 countries and regions around the world, and obtained the right to use the China Coal trademark in 27 EU member states and the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore, which has effectively opened up the international market and promote the group's cross-border rapid development of e-commerce. At present, various types of machinery products of China Coal Group sell well in 165 countries and regions around the world. The group has been rated as a national cross-border e-commerce integrated innovation demonstration enterprise, a key cross-border e-commerce enterprise in Shandong Province, and an e-commerce demonstration enterprise in Shandong Province. This strategic cooperation with Alibaba International Station is of great significance to the rapid expansion of our group's overseas markets.

Wang Hanmo, head of The Machinery Industry of The Merchant Operations Department of Alibaba International Business Department, says that with the continuous growth of traffic dividends, the increase of digital business, and the continuous fermentation of favorable national policies, 2022 will be the harvest year for "new domestic products to go overseas"! In the foreign trade market environment where opportunities and challenges coexist, Alibaba International Station will carry out strategic cooperation with China Coal Group to jointly build a professional complete machine market and accessories service market, and carry out accurate matching of all scenarios. The offline in-depth service of customer consultants and advanced industry cultivation content help merchants to improve their platform operation capabilities in an all-round way, quickly reach overseas buyers, and realize digital transformation. It is believed that with the joint efforts of Alibaba International Station and China Coal Group, China Coal Group will become a banner of China's manufacturing and China's intelligent manufacturing, leading to the world with hard core strength.

Looking forward to the future overseas development plan of China Coal Group, Mr. Li says that China Coal Group has always used digital marketing to actively seize the track dividends. The next step is to cooperate with Alibaba headquarters to further cultivate and incubate private domain pools. In digital foreign trade, we will continue to consolidate product quality, improve digital operation capabilities, improve organization and team upgrades, enhance the international competitiveness of China Coal's own brands, and promote The Group's foreign trade import and export development has reached a new level, making more positive contributions to the development of Jining and even Shandong's foreign trade!

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