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What Are The Common Faults Of Raking Underground Mining Scraper Winches?

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The emergency stop of the Underground Mining Scraper Winchis abbreviated as Class I fault: once such a fault occurs, the AC and DC circuits will be disconnected and the brake will be stopped immediately.
(1) The two terminals of the Mining Scraper Winchare over-hoisted;
(2) The electric motor of the hydraulic station of the brake system of the Scraper Winch is faulty;
(3) The mine hoist runs in the wrong direction;
(4) During the operation of the mine hoist, the tank stabilizers of each horizontal shaking table act;
(5) Both terminals are overspeeding;
(6) The main motor of the mining winch loses excitation;
(7) The protection circuit loses power;
(8) DC main circuit overcurrent;
(9) DC main circuit overvoltage;

Accidental stop of Underground Mining Scraper Winch is abbreviated as Class II fault: once such a fault occurs, the hoist will automatically decelerate according to the speed map, and automatically brake and stop when it reaches less than 2m/s.
(1) Deformation of the brake wheel of the mine hoist;
(2) Failure of the tail rope of the Mining Scraper Winch;
(3) The Scraper Winch is not adjusted to zero after emergency stop;
(4) The operation limit switch of the rake winch fails;
(5) Open the safety door when driving;
(6) The zero adjustment motor of the mine hoist is faulty;
(7) Overspeed between the two terminals of the mining winch.

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