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How To Reduce Mining Winch Operation Accidents?

Date: 2020-10-13     Tag:  Mining Winch Winch     Tag:  Browsing volume:16

Mining winch transportation is a commonly used method in underground auxiliary transportation systems. Due to the imperfect site management of the winch and its own protection system, there is no effective control over the transportation conditions and opening operation of the winch, which often leads to frequent occurrence of underground winch transportation accidents.

The safety management device of mine winch is composed of monitoring substation, personnel identification card, upper computer, data reader and mine explosion-proof intrinsically safe DC stable power supply.

Before the winch is operated, safety personnel will check the integrity of the winch and provide authorization for the operation of the winch to verify the identity of the driver. The winch safety management device can give an alarm to the voice along the roadway to detect the winch information in the roadway and remind the staff in time.

The basic requirements for the sealing of mine winches are good sealing, safe and reliable, long service life, compact structure, simple system, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, and low cost. Most seals are consumables.

The system can store every operation record of safety personnel and winch drivers in real time, which provides the possibility of data traceability, eliminates the luck of operators, and reduces the hidden danger of winch accidents.

A large number of winch accidents occurred in the inclined shaft, which seriously affected the safety production efficiency of the coal mine. The development and application of mine winch safety management device will effectively reduce the accidents caused by winch transportation accidents, realize the fundamental transformation from civil defense to technical defense, and prevent the occurrence of accidents.

At the same time, it has significant economic and social benefits in reducing labor and employment, improving the efficiency of winch transportation and promoting safe production in mines.

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