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What Are The Safety Requirements And Measures For Mine Hoisting Winch?

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1. Mining winch should comply with coal mine safety regulations and metallurgical underground safety regulations.
2. Mine winch cannot be used to transport personnel.
3. In addition to mining hoisting winches and winch, it should also be able to work normally at an ambient temperature of 5-40 degrees. The sinking winch should work normally at an ambient temperature of 25-40 degrees.
4. JK mining hoist used for underground explosion-proof requirements should have explosion-proof function. Electrical equipment should meet the requirements.
5. Mine hoisting winch work smoothly without abnormal phenomena.
6. All seals of mine hoisting winches must not leak oil.
Mine hoisting winches can be divided into manual winches and offshore winches according to power classification. Winch can be divided into: ship winch, engineering winch, mining winch, winch, etc. According to the form of reel, it can be divided into single reel and double reel. According to the distribution of the rollers, it is divided into two parallel rollers and two front and rear rollers. Special winches include: frequency conversion winch, double drum winch, hand brake lever double brake winch, brake winch, electronic control winch, electronic control hand brake clutch winch, large double cylinder double brake winch, large external gear winch, large hydraulic winch, Large external gear rope winch, double traction winch, large hydraulic double cylinder double brake winch, frequency conversion belt stopper rope groove winch manual winch manual winch manual winch handle (with brake (ratchet and pawl on the actuator)), and The handles used to hold the heavy objects in the required position for assembly or lifting shall also be equipped with safety handles and brakes. To
Manual winches are usually used for lifting and are light in weight, poorly installed or without power. Electric winches are widely used in places that require heavy work and traction. The electric motor of the single-roll winch drives the reel through the reducer, and there is a brake between the electric motor and the input shaft of the reducer. In order to meet the requirements of lifting, traction and steering operations, some winches are equipped with dual reel and multi-reel devices. A winch with a typical rated load of less than 10 tons can be designed as an electric winch. The hydraulic winch is mainly a winch with a large rated load. Under normal circumstances, 10t to 5000t winches are designed as hydraulic winches.

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