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What Are The Advantages Of Pneumatic Dispatch Winch And Double Drum Hoist Winch?

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1. The air motor used in the Dispatch Winch itself has a certain self-locking function. When the control handle returns to the neutral position, the inlet and exhaust cavities are closed. At this time, the Dispatch Winchis in the lifting state, and the heavy object can be reliably stationary.

2. Pneumatic Double Drum Hoist Winchuses wind pressure as power, no electricity, and can avoid generating electric sparks when using.

3. The Double Drum Hoist Winch also has a self-locking function, so there will be no sports car phenomenon in the case of a sudden air cut.

4. The Mining Hoist Winch can realize the stepless control of the pneumatic winch through the operating handle. The pneumatic motor has low speed, large torque, convenient installation, easy movement, and convenient and simple operation.

5. Pneumatic Mining Hoist Winches can be directly installed and used in mining and excavation working faces with compressed air systems.
6. Mining Hoist Winches are small in size, light in weight, large in traction, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and beneficial to improve the underground working environment.
7. The Dispatch Winch is easy to operate and only needs simple front and rear control, which reduces the labor intensity of the staff.

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