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Introduction Of Dispatch Winch Double Drum Hoist Winch Accessories

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Dispatch Winches are light and small lifting equipment (see hoisting machinery) that winds wire ropes or chains with reels to lift or pull heavy objects, also known as winches. The Double Drum Hoist Winch can be used alone or as a component in machinery such as hoisting, road construction and mine hoisting. It is widely used because of its simple operation, large amount of rope winding and convenient displacement. In addition to windlass, anchor chains, anchors, etc., there are many accessories in the composition of marine winches, so what are there? Let's talk about it below.

①The chain stopper is set between the windlass and the chain drum, used to clamp the chain, and protect the paving machine under external force when mooring. When sailing, use it to fasten the anchor and bear the weight of the anchor, so that the anchor chain will not bounce against the deck.

②The two sides of the bow of the anchor chain cylinder pass through the deck and the shell plate, and are composed of three parts: the deck chain hole and the cylinder body. There is a water jet hole for washing anchors in the anchor chain drum, and water is fed from the deck water pipe system, so that the anchor chain can be washed when laying. In order to prevent seawater from flooding the deck from the hawse and ensure the safety of personnel, a wave cover is provided at the chain hole on the deck.

③ The Double Drum Hoist Winch anchor chain pipe is the pipeline for the anchor chain to enter and exit the anchor chain locker. Installed directly below the left and right sprockets of the winch, facing the center of the chain locker, and its diameter is 7 to 8 times the chain diameter. The deck pipe opening of the anchor chain pipe has a waterproof cover, which should be closed after sailing to prevent sea water from entering the chain laying room.

④ The anchor chain cabin is the cabin for storing the anchor chain. It is located in front of the bow anti-collision wall, below the windlass, and its shape is 30 times the diameter of the circular chain laying cabin. The left and right seedling chain cabins are separated, and there are manholes and wall ladders on the longitudinal bulkhead in the middle for personnel to enter and exit the chain cabins. The top of the bilge is padded with wooden boards and bilge steel panels, and there is a drainage pipe system to drain the accumulated water.

⑤ The chain abandoner is a special device that can quickly separate the chain end from the hull when the anchor must be abandoned in an emergency.

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