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How To Transform the Mine Dispatch Winch?

Date: 2018-12-14     Tag:  Mine Winch Dispatch Winch Mining Hoist Winch     Tag:  Browsing volume:462

1. If the star gear transmission structure is adopted, the advantage is that the load capacity of the moving gear is improved under the condition that the winch volume is constant. Extends the life of the gear.

2. In the whole process of the antimony ore, the operator always presses the joystick with force, and the labor intensity is quite large. We refer to the structure of the United States and Canada, and turn the past continuous after burning into instantaneous afterburner. For most of the work, the operator only needs to hold the handle, no need to press hard, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

3. Taking the motor gear as an example, the gear is directly fixed on the motor shaft, the speed is up to l 460r/min, and the wear is fast. Despite the use of 20CrMnTi high-quality steel, after hardening and quenching, the hardness of the tooth surface is up to HRC56~62, and the service life is only about one year. The original structure of the gear is hot mounted on the motor shaft, and it is very inconvenient to disassemble when replacing. The structure has been thoroughly improved, no hot loading is required, and replacement and overhaul are very convenient.

4. Improve the structure of the bucket, increase the filling factor of the bucket, and improve the efficiency of the mine. We have also improved the material of the caries, in order to make the caries wear and prolong the service life. Originally used high-manganese steel (ZGMnl3) with good wear resistance, but many units used to reflect the mine under the mine, due to poor lighting of the roadway (mining yard), sometimes the bolt or rivet fracture. The caries fall off and the workers are not easy to find.

5. Increase the type of matching buckets for mine selection. The original matching buckets are only fixed and folded. In order to meet the needs of different mining conditions, we added double-sided buckets for open pits. It has caries on both sides, which completely solves the problem of bucket overturning during operation. In addition to this, a lightweight welding bucket for light weights has been added.

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