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Daily Inspection And Maintenance Of Mine Winch

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Daily inspection and maintenance of mine winch

The preventive maintenance plan aims to enhance preventive inspections, repairs and systems, including maintenance intervals, content, quality standards, and development features of various types of maintenance equipment. The improvement in elevator operation and maintenance is better than the traditional ones, and the main equipment should also participate in the maintenance and repair work plan of the mine hoist. In order to ensure the safety of mine hoisting equipment, realize continuous and safe operation, preventive measures, improve the level of equipment maintenance and repair, and detect and eliminate accidents.

Check equipment regularly

1. Check and use a hammer to check whether the connecting parts of each part (such as bolts, rivets, needles, etc.) are loose, and observe the inspection holes of the meshing gear reducer.

2. Check the working conditions of the oil lubrication system and the state of the brake system.

3. Check the depth of the indicating nut to illuminate the building and protect the equipment and equipment. This phenomenon is normal.

4. Check the stability of rotating parts, such as bearing vibration, and whether the anchor bolts (screws) of various ministries and infrastructures are loose.

5. The roll protection device has been tested.

6. Try to loosen the signal device and test various signals (including full position, start, stop, emergency signal, etc.). To

7. Check the wear of all contacts (signal board, rotor control panel, reversing, etc.), who can repair the burning (using emery cloth and a small trowel) or replace it to maintain contact. To

8. Under the condition of checking and adjusting the washer, bearing and other rope clutch, the pulley rotates.

9. It is normal to conduct inspections to improve the structure of the container and its affiliates (such as car stops, connecting devices, cages, etc.). To

10. Check the safety of the fishing spring system, linkage device and lubrication device and other capture equipment. To

11. Check the work of wellhead loading equipment (such as car machinery, car climbers, boring machines, car docking stations or fuel tank bases, safety doors, etc.). To

12. In accordance with the requirements of the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations", check the production conditions of the hoisting wire rope and arrange the wire rope for the drum.

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